Scientific Panels

Scientific Panels typically work on a 9- or 12-month schedule to advance scientific consensus in particular domains of inquiry and important public policy challenges. Panels can commission Synthesis Reports that make use of scientific meta-analysis techniques, systematic review, and other tools for evidence aggregation, knowledge generalization, and scientific consensus building, and are written for an expert audience. They can also commission Technical Reports on points of methodology or very focused questions of importance to the global information environment. Additionally, their work feeds into the IPIE’s regular Global Assessment report. Scientific Panels provide an inclusive consensus-building mechanism of virtual consultations, in-person meetings, and asynchronous peer review.

Scientific Panel on Global Standards for AI Audits

The Scientific Panel on Global Standards for AI Audits seeks to build consensus about the operationalization of AI auditing standards, using the latest knowledge from the humanities and social, computer, and engineering sciences about what is desirable and practicable in auditing public-facing algorithms.

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