Our Committees

The IPIE operates through specialized committees, each focusing on key aspects of our mission. These permanent committees—the Ethics, Methodology, and Membership Committees—bring together global experts to explore the complexities of the information environment, enabling informed, actionable insights. They ensure ethical research conduct, develop robust methodologies, and foster a diverse, global network of researchers. Each committee's work is pivotal in advancing our understanding of the information environment, contributing to a healthier digital world and resilient institutions.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee at the International Panel on the Information Environment (IPIE) enforces ethical standards in research, focusing on protecting human subjects and addressing ethical concerns in the IPIE's operations. It reviews research proposals, providing risk mitigation strategies and respecting the rights of all involved. The Committee also oversees funding sources and potential conflicts of interest, playing a crucial role in ensuring the credibility of the IPIE's research outputs.

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Science and Methodology Committee

The Science and Methodology Committee at the IPIE evaluates the global information environment, assesses risks, and investigates response strategies. By organizing global research, it addresses threats such as algorithmic bias and misinformation, contributing to evidence-based policies. It generates reports, collaborates with domain-specific Science Panels, and ensures rigorous peer-review.

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Membership Committee

The IPIE's Membership Committee cultivates a diverse global network of researchers to address the evolving global information environment. It manages recruitment, appointments, and relationships, adapting to technological changes and data science advancements. With an inclusive approach, it leverages expertise across disciplines, fostering strategic partnerships to build a resilient, equitable information environment.

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